Holy Communion Devotional songs | Divyakarunya ganangal

Holy Communion Devotional songs Holy Communion song selected from large collection of Malayalam christian devotional songs. More Holy Communion songs will be added shortly.

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32 thoughts on “Holy Communion Devotional songs | Divyakarunya ganangal

  1. Anyone has the song, ‘Poozhiyil ninnum daivam makane ninne srishtichu”?? If yes, please post….

  2. tnx 4all the beauful& touching song.
    U awakened me .
    Can u get me the song Thirunam kirthanam by Fr.michael.
    By vine

  3. Nice collection ,where can i get the song “Snehame nin krupathan kaigalilai baliyai oru baliyai”

  4. Thank you for these beautiful devotional songs..i want the song ‘ divya karunyame snehame..’

  5. Fast download…..songs are good…..but we cant find many beautiful songs here…please include them also…

    1. We are trying to add as many songs as possible, please use the song request section to request a song of your choice.

  6. ദയവായി ഈ പഴയ ഗാനം ഉണ്ടെങ്കില്‍ share ചെയ്യുക
    ” കണ്ണിനു കര്‍പൂര മാരി ചൊരിയും കമനീയ രൂപനെ …
    കരളില്‍ പീയുഷ ധാര ചൊരിയുന്ന യേശു മഹേശനെ…..”

  7. Kindly send e-mail to me (paul.mattathil@gmail.com) Lyrics of all RC Malayalam Qurabana songs.

    Appreciate your support

  8. Kindly please update this song…. ..enthoralbhuthama …ethenthoralbhuthama …daivamente arikilay altharayil…

  9. Nice songs and really loved to download the same.
    Golden Oldies is really amazing……Keep upload the best once.
    Can I get the lyrics in Manglish…..please

  10. Please add
    1. SYRO MALABAR sapanashirvadha gaanam ‘ mishiha naadha paapikale
    paanikal neetti vilichu nee ‘

    2. ‘ daivathin aathmavirangi vannu manushyarkku mel aavasichu ‘

    3. ‘ karthavithra aduthu nilkkum daivajanam verethu

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