Snehasudha Christian Devotional Album

Snehasudha Malayalam Christian Devotional Album Snehasudha was a great hit devotional album released by Tharangini, One cannot forget the songs like, Kanayile Klayana Nalil , Dershanam Nalkane Mishihaye etc. The christmas songs Merry merry merry christmas and kiluliklukkam cheppukalle ads beauty to this christian devotional album. The song Puzhakale sadram modami paduvin also gained much poularty during its time.  Download the songs and share the Joy

Athmam Christian Devotional Album

Athmam was a super hit christian devotional album by fr Shaji Thumpechirayil , songs like Ammeyakal, O Aaradhana where super hits during the release period. Checkout the album, download the devotional songs and share the joy.


Thirunama Keerthanam

One of the evergreen Christian devotional album of modern time, “Thirunama keerthanam paduvanallengil” the debut song of this album was a superhit. All the other devotional songs are hits as well, Enjoy the songs and share the love and joy.

Chirakumayi Oru Malakha

Chirakumayi Oru Malakha is a wonderful ablum, with all touching devotional songs. A few songs including “Chirakumayoru malakha”, “Chuvadonnu thettumbol”, “Divya karunyame”..  etc are super hits. Enjoy the Album.

Sneha Deepam Christian Devotional songs

snehadeepam KJ Yesudas Christain Devotional albumSneha deepam one of the best devotional albums of the 90’s, Download track by track